Bali, Sumba, Timor, Flores, Komodo and Sumbawa
22 days

This fascinating tour will give you an opportunity to visit several of the most remarkable and interesting islands in the Wallacea part of Indonesia. In habitats ranging from tropical rain forest to desert-like, and tropical seashore to moss forest, we'll see an excellent variety of birds, including many fine endemics. Some we'll see are: 10 or 11 hawks and eagles, Orange-footed Scrubfowl, Green Junglefowl, some fine fruit-doves and imperial pigeons, Yellow-crested Cockatoo, 7 or 8 parrots, 4 cuckoos, 6 or 7 owls, 3 nightjars, 6 kingfishers, Elegant Pitta, 3 cuckooshrikes, 6 or 7 thrushes, some nice flycatchers and monarchs, 3 whistlers, 6 flowerpeckers, 4 sunbirds, 8 white-eyes, and 8 honeyeaters. With luck, we'll see the highly endangered Sumba Buttonquail, Sumba Hornbill, Wallace's Hanging-Parrot and Flores Monarch. Birders who have covered adjacent areas of Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia will see 50-60 lifers. Those who haven't traveled as extensively will add more. Our total list should be about 225 species. A reptilian highlight will be the Komodo Dragon, the largest living lizard in the world.  This is a fairly easy trip with mostly basic, but clean accommodations, and okay to very tasty food. Our Indonesian hosts are very gracious and hospitable. Leader: Ben King.