23 days

Malaysia is an ideal place for your first Asian birding trip. It’s clean and comfortable, the distance from lodging to the birds short, and the birding superb. The people are friendly and helpful, facilities modern, roads and transportation excellent, accommodations and food good to excellent, and the level of sanitation high.  We visit a lowland rain forest and a montane forest in Malaya, as well as Mt. Kinabalu and 2 lowland rain forest sites in Borneo.

Birding Malaysia's rain forests, with their exotic and colorful birds, is a unique experience: pheasants, hornbills,  trogons, pittas,  kingfishers, barbets, broadbills,  green pigeons,  a fruit-dove, parrots, drongos, bee-eaters, minivets, malkohas, treeswifts, leafbirds, laughingthrushes, babblers, sunbirds, flowerpeckers, etc. We'll see the strangely beautiful Proboscis Monkey and visit the Borneo Rain Forest Lodge in Danum Valley in Borneo where we have a chance to see a wild Orangutan. Among the myriad sources of fascination here are lots of beautiful butterflies (including the exquisite Rajah Brooke's Birdwing), flying lizards, pitcher plants, and the strange and wonderful noises from birds, mammals, frogs, insects and lizards.

Recent reports of terrorism in Malaysia are confined to several small islands off the eastern coast of Sabah by boat-based folks from the SW Philippines. These islands are distant from our tour route and the likelihood of any problems from these people quite remote. Leader: Dennis Yong.