Tour Design is an art we’ve developed over a period of 30 years to enable the goals envisaged for our operation in the ABOUT KINGBIRD TOURS section. Our TOUR ITINERARIES section lays out the various Asian birding options we evolved over the years. Once you’ve found an itinerary that appeals to you, check it out carefully to see how it fits your desires and/or those of your group. An advantage of a private tour is that you’ll have an opportunity for significant input in the design of your tour. Then talk to us and we’ll work out the final itinerary.

Keep in mind that the suggested itineraries are designed to maximize the birds seen and minimize the time taken. Thus we recommend adding a day or two during the tour to rest or slow down. Further it is always a good idea to arrive at the foreign starting point of the tour a day or two early to eliminate fretting about late flights or missed connections and allow some time to get over jet lag, or do a little sight seeing or shopping. We strongly suggest that you stick to the recommended months (Prime Time) for your trip. While some trips can be operated outside the optimal times, slow birding and weather problems may mar your enjoyment of the experience.

Once the itinerary is finalized, we’ll contact our foreign operators and get a costing for the operation. The tour price is based on the number of participants. Thus the price for one or two participants will be significantly more than for a regularly scheduled group, for 3 or 4 participants it will be less expensive but still more than a regular tour, while for groups of 5–10, the price will be similar to that of a scheduled tour.

We are not a registered travel agent and thus cannot sell air tickets. We recommend that you utilize ticket sellers such as, or the sites of individual airlines to get your tickets to and from the starting city in the country of the tour. Our local agent will supply any necessary internal air tickets for travel in the tour country.

Our experience and expertise is finding birds and while we specialize in finding as many species as possible, we could readily accommodate a group that wished to photograph birds. If you have other tour ideas centered on birds, don’t hesitate to ask.